Personal Care Assistance in Rural America

TitlePersonal Care Assistance in Rural America
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsGreiman, L, Sage, RA, Bates, T, Lissau, A, Wagner, LM, Chapman, SA
PublisherUniversity of California, San Francisco and University of Montana
Place PublishedSan Francisco CA, Missoula MT
Keywordshome care, personal care aides, rural

Over 8 million people in the US have a self-care disability and need assistance to live and participate in their communities. Of those, nearly 20% (>1.5 million) live in rural areas. The objective of this study was to assess county-level PCA worker-to-need ratios across each of the states to assess the match between supply of PCAs in rural states and communities where PCA help was most needed.