Personal Care Assistance in Rural America

TitlePersonal Care Assistance in Rural America
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsChapman, SA, Wagner, LM, Bates, T, Sage, RA, Greiman, L, Lissau, A
PublisherUniversity of California, San Francisco and University of Montana
Place PublishedSan Francisco CA, Missoula MT
Keywordshome care, personal care aides, rural

Over 8 million people in the US have a self-care disability and need assistance to live and participate in their communities. Of those, nearly 20% (>1.5 million) live in rural areas. The objective of this study was to assess county-level PCA worker-to-need ratios across each of the states to assess the match between supply of PCAs in rural states and communities where PCA help was most needed.