[Brief] Leader States in Personal Care Aide Training Standards

Title[Brief] Leader States in Personal Care Aide Training Standards
Publication TypeIssue Brief
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMarquand, Abby, and Chapman Susan A.
InstitutionUCSF Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term Care
CitySan Francisco
Series Title

Policy Briefs

Keywordspersonal care aide training standards


This report highlights seven “leader” states that have developed training standards for Medicaid-funded personal care aides (PCAs). Although our previous research has demonstrated a paucity of standards in most states, a few have engaged in a deliberate approach to designing PCA training standards with the goal of better preparing these essential frontline workers to provide care. We present these standards and describe, in brief, the approaches several states have taken to address the need for uniform and rigorous PCA training standards across Medicaid programs.

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